Summit Background
In the context of the development of intelligent cars, the intelligent cockpit has gradually become the focus of the development of intelligent cars. researchandmarkets points out that the global automotive digital cockpit market is expected to grow from $13.9 billion in 2018 to $32.3 billion by the end of 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of about 12.83%. According to a report by Huatai Securities, the domestic smart cockpit market space is expected to exceed 110 billion yuan in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 17% from 2021 to 2025. The intelligent cockpit will integrate more information and functions, and the car will develop from distributed architecture to domain control direction to achieve more natural human-machine interaction and provide more intelligent experience for users. Many OEMs and suppliers are combining their strengths to create new automotive intelligent cockpit products. In addition, the national level is also supporting the wave of intelligence in the automotive industry, for example, the Strategy for the Innovative Development of Intelligent Vehicles specifies the vision of realizing the large-scale production of conditional intelligent vehicles by 2025 and the comprehensive completion of China’s standard intelligent vehicle system by 2035.
The 4th China Automotive Intelligent Cockpit Summit 2022 will gather about 120 experts and executives from the automotive industry to focus on the networked technology, software development, hardware innovation, business model and user insight of intelligent cockpit, and provide an in-depth comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and challenges of intelligent cockpit development. At the same time, this summit will also provide an ideal platform for industry colleagues to communicate and interact, and win business opportunities together.
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Summit Time/ Address
Oct 27-28, 2022/Shanghai, China

Selected topics
Intelligent Cockpit Development Trend and Future R&D Direction Proposal
Creating an Intelligent, Personalized and Futuristic ”Third Space” in Line with the Trend of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Era
In the Era of Automotive Payment, Software Charging Opens up New Channels for Profit
Build Digital Cockpit Era with Open Integrated Ecology
The Underlying In-vehicle Operating System Facilitates the Intelligent Upgrade of the Cockpit
Intelligent Cockpit Hot Track: In-vehicle Infotainment System that in Active Period
The Role of Type in HMI Systems
UI/UX Design Promotes Human-Machine Intimacy
Multimodal Emotion Recognition based on Biometric Detection
Panel Discussion: The Importance of the Develop ment of Intelligent Cockpit Industry and Its Potential Chances and Business Opportunities
New Forces Car Manufacturers Define the New Trend of Smart Cockpit Development with Entertainment Space

Consulting Agencies;OEMs;Automotive Component Suppliers; In-vehicle Chip Manufacturers; Cockpit Domain Controller Suppliers; HUD Integrators; Communication Vendors; Secondary Component Suppliers; Operating System Vendors; Software; Internet/Technology; HMI Technology Vendors; Intelligent Cockpit Solution Providers; Research Institutes.

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Contacts: Wes Wei
Phone: +86 -21 – 8026 0707 ext 803

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27 Oct - 28 Oct 2022, All Day

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