The 3rd China Digital Talent Summit 2023 Shanghai,China, Shanghai,China

Summit Background
As predicted by China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the scale of China’s digital economy in 2022 will exceed 48.9 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 40% of GDP. With the deepening of China’s economic digital transformation, the digital talent gap is nearly 11 million. According to the Research Report on the Employment Impact of Digital Economy published by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the number of jobs in digital industrialization accounts for 32.6% of the total number of jobs. The construction of high-level digital talent team has become one of the key tasks of enterprise digital transformation.
The 3rd China Digital Talent Summit 2023 will take talent cultivation in digital economy as the theme, combined with the best practices of enterprises, discuss hot topics on digital talent trends, leadership training, optimization of organizational structure, corporate culture, digital skills improvement, talent attraction, training, motivation and development that meet the demand of times in various industries, aiming to provide new reference for enterprises to acquire and train digital talents which facilitate enterprises to transform and upgrade.

Summit Date/ Location / Organizer
March 1-3, 2023/ Shanghai, China/ ECV International

Around 30 keynote speeches of 3 days on sharing the best cases of digital talent, including on-site Q&A sessions, brought together the latest global digital talent cultivation and transformation, digital leadership, corporate culture and organizational change cases
Conduct direct and in-depth on-site communication with 200 key industry decision makers to find opportunities for further cooperation
Combine online promotion with offline promotion to enhance brand influence

Hot topics
2023 Digital Talent Trends and Challenges
How to Measure and Develop Digital Talent in the Post-pandemic Era
The Goal of Digital Talent Development: Cultivating Talents to Promote
Enterprise Development and Economic Growth
Winning in the Future—Building up Digital Talent Development Strategy
How to Solve the Pain Points of Talent Attraction and Retention
Establishing a Dual Channel of Compound Talent Echelon in Healthcare Industry
From VUCA to RUPT Era, How to Reshape the Talent Incentive Mode?
Analysis on the Acquisition and Cultivation Methods of Cross-disciplinary Digital
Pharmaceutical Talents
Walking into Lighthouse Factory ——A New Mode of Digital Talent Cultivation in
the Industrial Internet Era
How to Cultivate Applied Talents with Digital Skills in the Era of “Intelligent
The Future Trend of Leadership in the Digital Age
Focusing on the Training and Development of Digital Talent Leadership
From Management to Leadership—Leadership Development and business
Digging and Development of Digital Leadership

Industry Sectors
Consulting;Telecommunication;ICT;Internet and Entertainment;Industry Automation;Healthcare and Pharmacy;FMCG;Automotive;Home appliance;Chemistry;Electronic;Beauty;Cultivation and Training Solution;HR Management Solution;Recruitment and Talent Solution;Talent certification;Big data;IoT and AI

01 Mar - 03 Mar 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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