Marry Technical Insight and Strategic Know-How to Access the Capital Gains, On-Shored Sustainable Supply Chains, Flexible and Modular Platforms of Small and Large Molecule Continuous Manufacturing

As more companies are gearing up towards commercial filing, CCP 2023 is set to be the largest and most comprehensive summit to date. Spanning 3 days and 3 tracks of content across small molecules, biologics and regulatory CMC, join the only industry driven event that provides a snapshot of the latest developments, innovations, and commercial applications of continuous processing across all modality applications.

The ‘double-edged sword’ program combining both technical case studies and strategical talks, will enable you to truly unearth CM’s place in the evolving regulatory landscape, ensure quality control strategy is right first time, and explore the industry shift towards modularization.

Hosting leading companies and minds in the space, explore the end-to-end integration of continuous manufacturing in healthcare, alongside 200+ senior attendees from process development and engineering, manufacturing, CMC, regulatory affairs, QA/QC, MS&T.

Speakers: Raymond Knox, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Lyndra Therapeutics, Jon-Paul Sherlock, Head of Innovative Manufacturing Technology, AstraZeneca, Flavien Susanne, Head of Drug Substance Process Development and Clinical Manufacturing, Sanofi, Sarwat Khattak, Head of Cell Culture Development, Biogen, Ganapathy Mohan, Executive Director, Merck and Co, Sarah Pope Miksinski, Executive Director, CMC Regulatory Affairs, AstraZeneca, Engin Ayturk, Executive Director, CMC Process Engineering and Bio-Conjugation Development, Mersana Therapeutics, Gordon Lambertus, Senior Director Chemistry, Eli Lilly, Candice Wong, Director of Process Engineering, Seagen, Mathew Beaver, Director of Process Development, Amgen, Adam Hartwick, Principal Engineer, Amgen, Moiz Diwan, Director, Head of Enabling Technology Development Group, AbbVie, Petrus Johannes Geldenhuis, Drug Product Manufacturing Senior Engineer, Vertex, Daniel Hogan, External Manufacturing Team Lead, Bayer, Kelly Rogers, Technical Program Manager for NIIMBL, NIST, Moheb Nasr, Principal, Nasr Pharma Regulatory Consulting (NPRC), Alexander Hesketh, Senior Associate Chemical Engineer, Pfizer, Daniel Griffin, Principal Engineer, Amgen, Jayachandran Devaraj, Process Development Engineer, Corteva, Divya Vasudevan, Senior Engineer, Global MSAT and Engineering, Genentech, Jayachandran Devaraj, Process Development Engineer, Corteva, Busuyi Adebayo, Advanced Process Control Engineer, Biogen, Manish Kelkar, Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie, Liang Li, Senior Scientist Process Engineering, The Janssen Pharmaceutical, Eric Sacia, Senior Scientist II, AbbVie, Matt Brown, Scientist II, CODIAK Bio, Atul Dubey. Principal Investigator (Director), Continuous Manufacturing, US Pharmacopeia, Tim Lee Senior Scientist, Team Lead – Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control Synthetics, Sanofi, Bart Rimez, Co-Owner and Technology Lead, Secoya, Tony Quinones, Chief Executive Officer, Bright Path Laboratories, Aaron Moulin, Field Application Specialist, Purolite

07 Mar - 09 Mar 2023, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Drug Developers and Not For Profit Organizations - FULL PASS: Conference + 3 Workshops: USD 4596.00, Drug Developers and Not For Profit Organizations - Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 4097.00, Drug Developers and Not For Profit Organizations - Conference + Workshop: USD 3598.00, Drug Developers and Not For Profit Organizations - Conference Only: USD 3099.00, Solution Providers - FULL PASS: Conference + 3 Workshops: USD 5496.00, Solution Providers - FULL PASS: Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 4897.00, Solution Providers - FULL PASS: Conference + Workshop: USD 4298.00, Solution Providers - FULL PASS: Conference Only: USD 3699.00