With the increase in pipelines projects across the world to provide a global connection linking countries to continents, the associated financial and business commitments are huge and thus the robustness and reliability of pipelines systems are of paramount importance to societies at large. The pipelines sector is expected to register a CAGR of more than 6.5% during the forecast period, 2022 -2027 and thus the importance of SPICONX is established.

The primary objective of SPICONX is to establish a professional environment which facilitates the exchange of pipelines industry best practices in order to allow attendees to exchange knowledge and expertise which can be used to optimize pipelines design and operational strategies. In addition, new models and technologies will be presented allowing participants to acquire up-to-date knowledge and awareness of industry evolution.

SPICONX will offer the greatest connection for Pipelines Operators, Maintainers, Designers, Technical Professionals, HR SME’s, HSE Practitioners, Technologies Developers & Service Providers, Global Business and Strategic Thinkers, Entrepreneurs and Business Creators, Innovators, Software Developers, Economists and Finance Experts, Policy Makers, Public and Government Planners, and Universities, Researchers and Students that the region has ever seen. The conference and exhibition will provide a holistic life cycle view of pipelines covering the latest technologies and business transformation attempting to shaping the future beyond imagination.


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